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Foodservice Products

Institutions such as school cafeterias, hospitals, and restaurants use Foodservice Products.

Case UPC can be found on the cardboard box that Foodservice Products are shipped in.
Product What to Save Label Value
48oz / 1.36L Condensed Soup (12/case) Case UPC 36 points per case
Verve Exceptional Soup and Sauces (4/case) Case UPC 40 points per case
Pace Salsa (4/case) Case UPC 40 points per case
Frozen Condensed Soup (3/case) Case UPC 30 points per case
Heat'n Serve Tubbed Entrées (3/case) Case UPC 30 points per case
Frozen Panned Entrées (4/case) Case UPC 40 points per case

* Campbell's, Chunky, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, V8, Eating Smart, Healthy Request, Eating Smart Soup, Condensed Frozen Soup, Frozen Tubbed Entrees, Condensed 48oz Soup, Frozen Panned Entrees are all registered trademarks.


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