Consider including a collection update in the school newsletter
Update your "Labelometre" to track your school's progress against its label collection goal.
Watch for this month's LFE Insider Edition . Click on Become an LFE Insider for more details and receive 250 points for joining.
Partner with a local grocer to maximize label collection. Visit "Tools and Tips" on the website for ideas on making the most of partnerships.
Talk to your Cafeteria Director about saving participating Campbell's® Foodservice product case UPCs - they can be worth up to 40 points per UPC!
Award Collection Certificates to top collecting students and classes.
Visit "Tools and Tips" for printable certificates.
Find out "What's New" by visiting Remind students and parents to collect over the holidays.
Remind your Cafeteria Director that many Campbell’s® Foodservice products are eligible Labels for Education™ products.
Kick-start the new year by updating students, teachers, and parents on how many more label points are needed to reach your label collection goal.
Don’t forget to update your Labelometre this month!
Drive awareness for the 2010/2011 Label Drive Challenge through posters and school assemblies.
Speak to your local newspaper to share your school's successes. Visit the Labels for EducationT website for news release ideas.
Celebrate! Award Collection Certificates to the top collecting students and classes of the past few months. Send home letters updating parents on the year's progress and merchandise that has been redeemed to date.
Don't forget March is Nutrition Month! Visit to get helpful tips on healthy eating.
Ask local organizations to get involved with the label drive. Set up collection bins in community centres, senior centres, places of worship, hospitals, libraries and restaurants.
Race to the finish! Publicize how many more points must be collected over the final three months to reach your label goal.
Remind everyone of the awesome school and student prizes available through this year's Label Drive Challenge ending May 15, 2011!
Watch for the "Ladles & Labels" March newsletter containing healthy living tips to share with students and parents.
Remind your school and community that all label banking, receipt of Label Deposit Forms and merchandise redemption requests must be completed by May 15, 2011.
Remember to send in the signed Label Deposit Form for all unverified deposits.
Award year-end Collection Certificates to top collecting students and classes..
Send thank you letters to local community groups and stores that participated in your label drive.
Remind students and parents to continue collecting labels through the summer.
Check the Labels for Education website at for updates.